**We will have the results compiled and posted here by November 15.  In the meanwhile, below are the results of the same national survey conducted in Spring 2018.  We hope you find these results useful! 


In Spring 2018, we asked 530 students from 20 universities to talk about their job and internship experience and about what they wanted to do after graduation.  80% of the students who responded are earning a Bachelor’s degree, 12% are earning a Master’s degree, and 8% are earning a Ph.D.  Here are some of the highlights:


After Graduation:

  • 75.2% of students said they want to work in the power industry
  • Of the 161 companies that students plan to apply to for work this summer, here are the top 10 most popular:
  1. Siemens
  2. Duke Energy
  3. Dominion Energy
  4. National Grid
  5. Caterpillar
  6. Tesla
  7. Pacificorp
  8. General Electric
  9. Boeing
  10. Helix Electric


Students were asked “what work-related activities do you plan after graduation?”  Here were their answers:

  1. Work at a utility company (n=204)
  2. Get a job, somewhere that is not a utility company (188)
  3. Not sure or still considering options (148)
  4. Go to graduate school full time (84)
  5. Continue working full time where I work now (68)
  6. Volunteer with an organization (23)


Here are the 10 most popular companies where students have already received job offers:

  1. Exelon
  2. Burns & McDonnell
  3. MISO
  4. Lockheed Martin
  5. Alliant Energy
  6. Duke Energy
  7. Honeywell
  8. Black & Veatch
  9. MidAmerica Energy
  10. NAVFAC

We hope this helps in your future job search!