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FEEDER (Foundations for Engineering Education for Distributed Energy Resources) center is a consortium of eight universities, two national laboratories, eight utilities and 11 industrial companies. Led by the University of Central Florida, its primary mission is to significantly advance power systems engineering capability in the United States.

The overall goal of FEEDER is to accelerate the deployment of distributed power systems technologies through innovative research, cross-institutional highly-collaborative education of the current and future workforce, partnering with public and private entities in energy systems and smart grid, and leveraging well-designed and complementary research, development, test, analysis, and evaluation.

Project lead: Dr. Zhihua Qu, University of Central Florida SAIC Endowed Professor and Chair. Email

Universities: Auburn University; Florida State University; University of Arkansas; University of Central Florida; University of Florida; University of Kentucky; University of Pittsburgh; University of South Carolina; San Diego State University; University of California-San Diego; University of Hawaii; University of Texas-Dallas

Utility partners: Duke Energy; East Kentucky Power Cooperative; Florida Power & Light; Lakeland Electric; Kentucky Power; Southern Company; Orlando Utilities Commission; Tennessee Valley Authority

National Laboratories: National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL); Los Alamos National Laboratory

Industry partners: ABB; Liedos; Mitsubishi Power Systems; Northern Plains Power Technologies; OSI Soft; S&C Electric Company; Siemens; SAIC; Schneider Electric; Texas Instruments; United Technologies Research Center


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